Ages 6 - 13

Draw with Me

Ages 5 - 11

This class is for the students who enjoy learn how to draw. Each class we'll have different subjects. Students will learn how to draw step by step puppies, kittens, ducklings, cuddly, silly animals, easy landscape, and beautiful architectures around the world. 


Supply List: Students can use any medium such as pencil, color pencils, markers, crayons, watercolor, and any art papers that may have at home.

Beginner Comics 

Ages 8 - 13

Students will learn the basic rules of comics. Panels, speech bubbles, facial expressions and more. We'll practice valuable skills in penciling, inking, and coloring with every projects.


Each class we will have an entry of  a story then students develop rest of the story from their imagination. We'll draw people, monsters, animals, objects and many more!

Supply List: Black sharpie for inking (Fine Point and Ultra Fine Point). Any kind of white drawing paper. Crayons, or color pencils for coloring.

Acrylic Painting

Ages 7 - 13

Each class we'll have a different topic! Students will experiment mixing colors, brush techniques, using the brush strokes to paint smoothly and more.

Supply List: Acrylic or Tempera paint set. (White, Black, Red, Yellow, Blue.) Black sharpie (Fine Point). Canvas, canvas panels, painting papers or watercolor paper. Acrylic or Tempera brushes (At least 3 set of Big, medium, and small) Water. Napkins.

Zentangle Art

Ages 5 - 8

Every class, we'll experience the Zentangle Art with one of the classic children stories. We'll draw students favorite characters from the story and practice the Zentangle patterns.

Supply List: Students can use pencil, color pencils, markers, crayons, and any art papers that may have at home.


Ages 5 - 13

Printmaking allows kids to see cause and effect in action. We focus on the process and materials of printmaking types. 

Supply List: All the materials will be giving by the instructor.

Paper Marbling

Ages 5 - 13

Paper marbling is an amazing method of design, drawing, and painting. Art works are the result of color floated on plain water and then carefully transferred to an absorbent surface, such as paper.

Supply List: All the materials will be giving by the instructor.

Watercolor is fun! Each class, we will have a different topic. Students will learn how to watercolor and the  brush control which is very important.


Watercolor itself is an amazing teacher that educates us about importance of details and patient! We introduce basic principles of watercolor, many creative techniques, and how to put all together.


Supply List: Dry or Wet Watercolor set. (At least 8 counts) Watercolor Paper. Watercolor brushes (Medium and small size of round brush is highly recommended). Black sharpie (Fine Point). For experiment, we will use watercolor pencils, white and yellow crayons and salt!